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Yves Edwards (born September 30, 1976) is a Bahamian Mixed Martial Artist who has fought as a lightweight in the UFC, PRIDE, WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator and EliteXC.

“I’ve always liked the old Hong Kong flicks, and I was a big comic book fan: you know the superheroes, they were always big in my mind. Anything that will make me physically better than the average person, and teach me to do things that the average person can’t do, I was game for it.”


He is a well-rounded fighter, with a strong boxing background, having also trained with Lewis Wood, a #6 WBA featherweight boxer. This is in addition to his experience in Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, of which he says “I’ve never worn a gi ’cause I’ve always been competing”.

At UFC 49, Edwards knocked out Josh Thomson by way of a spectacular flying head-kick. After the fight, commentator Mike Goldberg announced: “I will say right now, this kick has replaced Pete Williams on Mark Coleman as the greatest head kick knockout in UFC history.”

In an article published by UFC wrote by Duane Finley said this about Edwards:

“Despite a trove of documented video evidence and an impressive highlight reel to prove otherwise, the American Top Team product is slow to give himself credit for anything more than being a fighter who has consistently shown up to do his job. While the majority of his peers would be quick to admit to pioneering any aspect of the sport, Edwards’ modesty and downright humble nature refuse to allow him to categorize himself anywhere near the word exceptional.”